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Trail Conditions
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Volunteers needed for upcoming trail marking and brushing
It's that time of year to get the trails back into good shape. Work has been started on brushing and marking. There has been a lot of growth over the summer, so a lot clearing will be needed. For anyone that can lend a hand, please contact Glenn(608-369-1754) or email at We would love to have you help!!

Renew your memberships and get your trail passes ordered!
Winter is fast approaching! Snow will sneak up before you know it. Now is a good time to renew your memberships and get your trail passes ordered. Trail passes can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Receipts are valid to ride, but good to get the stickers attached early- One less thing to worry about!!

Please have your Montello Yetis 2017-2018 dues paid, before you order the trail pass!!
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Marquette County Trail Hotline
NOTICE TO ALL SNOWMOBILERS - It is YOUR responsibility to know if trails are open or closed. Be sure you call the trail hot-line number before you ride!
About Us
Montello Yetis Snowmobile club maintains 70 miles of trails in Central Marquette County Wisconsin. Montello Yetis covers from Montello to Harrisville, Montello to Citgo on Highway 23/82, Montello to Germania, and Montello to Lake Puckaway. About 29 miles of this is called "Funded Trail". That means that State funds help maintain that portion of the trail. The money from the state is generated mostly from snowmobile registration fees.

40 miles is called "Club trail", which are strictly funded by us.  The costs involved to maintain trails include signs, grooming equipment, fuel, landowner payments for damage, office expenses, tool expenses and more. At the start of the season, which begins after the close of deer hunting season, the club members install signs that mark the local trails. The man hours are donated by club members. The Yetis also devote time to maintaining good relationships with the 74 property owners who have given permission for the trails to cross their land. Please respect the land due to nearly all of the trails being on private property. Without our landowners allowing us to ride across their property, we would have no trail.

By belonging to a snowmobile club, you are helping to support the sport and assisting in providing good trails. You also have the opportunity to share the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling with others.

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