Montello Yetis Snowmobile Club
Montello Yetis meet the 1st Saturday from Oct-Apr.
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Trail Closure
Note: There has been a trail closure this year! This is due to a couple individuals riding out of the trail markers and trespassing! Please stay within the markers and get your trail pass. Disobeying either of these is trespassing. This damage was done on one of the only 3 days we opened last year. Very frustrating!
The trail closure is from Intersection #19(direct East of Generations outside Oxford) to Intersection #20(direct West of Citgo on 82). Oxford Sno-mads and members of MCSA are working a re-route, but nothing official yet.
From Oxford, you will need to head north to Intersection #18, head East to Intersection #17.
From Citgo, Head North at Intersection #16, head West at Intersection #17. Head south.

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Montello Yetis Take 3rd Place in Lions Club Haunted Hayride
Montello Yetis setup a group of scenes as they created "Paul's Die-ner". They took 3rd place in judging. The events were held at Paul Cotter's forest to enjoy a haunted hayride presented by the Montello Lion's club. They entertained over 1,300 visitors!
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Volunteers needed for upcoming trail marking and brushing
It's that time of year to get the trails back into good shape. Work has been started on brushing and marking. There has been a lot of growth over the summer, so a lot clearing will be needed. For anyone that can lend a hand, please contact Glenn(608-369-1754) or email at We would love to have you help!!
Renew your memberships and get your trail passes ordered!
Winter is fast approaching! Snow will sneak up before you know it. Now is a good time to renew your memberships and get your trail passes ordered. Trail passes can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Receipts are valid to ride, but good to get the stickers attached early- One less thing to worry about!!

Please have your Montello Yetis 2017-2018 dues paid, before you order the trail pass!!
Go here to renew your membership:  Join the Yetis
Go here for Trail Pass Info:    Trail Pass
Marquette County Snowmobile Association Golf Outing
On Saturday, August 19th, MCSA held their first ever Golf Outing. Weather was fantastic with low 80's. We had a great turnout with 22 teams!
We want to send a huge shoutout to Greg and Kathy Sondalle! They were wonderful to accomodate us, and had the course and clubhouse looking fantastic.
We want thank all the generous businesses for the donated raffle prizes also!
There were over 25!

All proceeds went towards Marquette Counnty Snowmobile Association.
There will be no more Grass Drags held at Lake of the Woods this fall.

We hope to see you there next year!!

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Holiday Hunt
NOTICE! There will be a Holiday Hunt in Marquette County this year. Trails will not be open during 12/24 - 1/1. Chances are trails will not be open during December this year. We must comply with DNR established hunting seasons and respect landowners. Surrounding counties that have the holiday hunt are Columbia and Green Lake County also.
Pray for snow and hope conditions are prime for 1st of the year!! Make sure to have your sled registered and also trail sticker!

Trail Maintenance
Trail brushing and signs are in! Please give Glenn W, Scott R, and Greg B a huge thank you! These guys do most all of the trail maintenace. Here are some pics from this year's marking.

No Holiday Hunt This Year
There will be NO Holiday Hunt in Marquette County in 2017!! Hoping for another good december of snow!
Columbia and Green Lake do not either, but Waushara does.
For a comlete list: 2017 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations (Page 9)

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Montello Yetis wins 1st Place in 2016 Montello Lions Hauntetd Hayride
The Montello Lions hosted its annual Haunted Hayride on October 14 & 15 on Paul Cotter's property, just West of Montello. Vistors were treated to a haywagon ride where they met all kinds of scary creatures and saw the woods lit up by hundreds of carved pumpkins. Site were judged both nights, with 1st prize going to the group sponsered by the Montello Yetis. 2nd prize to the site made by the Harsh, Hanson, and Anderson families, and 3rd prize the Red Hatters group.
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Earl Fredrick wins Snowmobiler of the Year Award
Earl Fredrick was awarded the Marquette County Snowmobiler of the Year 2016 on October 5th. Many member of the Marquette County Association gathered at Harris Villa to surprise Earl with this award.
The award says, "Earl's dedication to the sport of snowmobiling in Marquette County has elevated him to a place of honor. In 1969, he and 3 others met to form what would become the Marquette County Snowmobile Association. Earl also opened a Polaris dealership in Endeavor and was founding father of the Endeavor Freedom Riders. He was strong advocate for the sport and the Endeavor Freedom Riders, serving as club president, committee member, and major force in acquiring the bridge across the Neenah Creek. Earl was chief mechanic for sleds and groomers and was active in all club functions, including being their number one trail groomer over the years. He was always willing to help anyone and everyone 24/7. In 1983 he moved an old granary down to the trail for a warming shelter for all who came by. He rebuilt it in 2008 after its nine lives were up. The Endeavor Freedom Riders and Marquette County Association salute Earl for his active participation at the local and county level since 1969.

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